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Committed to improving the lives of those living below the poverty line.


Healthy food, clean water, personal hygiene products, period supplies, laundry products, clothes, internet access, baby products are offered to those in need

Personal Development

Financial literacy, tax preparation assistance, advocacy, Medicaid assistance, referrals


Healthy Relationships

Cleaning up our community, knowing our neighbors, and providing a safe space for the community of 17921 is a core value of HNM.  

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Need Help?

Need a resource like financial counseling or housing assistance? Check out our Resource Page to find an organization that can help you.  

Have an Emergency Need?

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We work with our local Red Cross and local emergency response teams to connect with victims of disaster in our own community, providing them with basic needs free of charge. 

100% of Helping Hands Thrift Store Sales directly benefit our community.

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